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Enriching young minds aged 6-12, our summer camp program offers a diverse range of exciting activities and educational opportunities. From artistry to outdoor sports, our mission is to foster social skills, enhance physical well-being, and nurture creativity. Supported by our adept and certified instructors, every child receives personalized guidance to harness their unique strengths and interests. Nutrient-packed snacks and meals keep their energy levels high, ensuring active and engaged days.

Our Summer Camp Program provides a comprehensive list of activities and learning experiences, including outdoor sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, artistic outlets encompassing painting, drawing, and sculpting, musical education and instrument practice, engaging science experiments, culinary adventures with cooking classes and nutrition insights, and enriching field trips to local museums, parks, and attractions.

Some of the activities and learning opportunities we offer in our SummerCamp Program include:

  • Outdoor sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball
  • Arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, and sculpting
  • Music lessons and instrument practice
  • Science experiments and educational games
  • Cooking classes and nutrition education
  • Field trips to local museums, parks, and other attractions

Safety is paramount in our Summer Camp Program. All staff members are vetted and equipped with first-aid and emergency training. Rigorous safety protocols guarantee constant supervision and protection for all participants.

At the heart of our Summer Camp Program lies a nurturing and enjoyable environment where children can expand their horizons, learn new skills, and cultivate lifelong friendships. By supporting our Summer Camp Program, you play a pivotal role in creating a positive and empowering experience for the youth in our community.

In the summer of 2023, Bethel Outreach Community Services (BOCS) and Youths Now On Track (YNOT) teamed up to introduce an unparalleled summer camp experience. This mission was further fortified by the generous lunch programs championed by Second Harvest’s ‘Feeding Our Future’ initiative, ensuring not only memorable experiences but also daily access to nutritious meals for our participants

In the summer of 2023, Bethel Outreach Community Services (BOCS) and Youths Now On Track (YNOT) joined hands to launch a unique summer camp experience. Their mission was further bolstered by the generous lunch programs backed by Second Harvest’s ‘Feeding Our Future’ initiative. Together, they aimed to offer memorable experiences for participants while ensuring they received nutritious meals every day.

We believe that summer break is a time for children to have fun and explore their interests, and our SummerCamp Program is the perfect place for them to do so. Contact us today to enroll your child in our program and give them a summer they'll never forget!