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At Bethel Community Services Organization (BCSO), we understand that starting over in a new country is a monumental challenge. The Refugee Settlement Program aims to make this transition smoother for refugees and asylum-seekers. Our dedicated team offers holistic support, guiding newcomers through the complex processes of resettlement and integration into their new communities.

Our Objectives

Facilitate Seamless Transition

Help refugees adapt to their new environment by offering orientation programs and essential resources.

Language and Skill Development

Provide language courses and vocational training to boost employability and social integration.

Legal Assistance

Offer expert advice and resources for navigating the complex immigration and legal systems.

Healthcare Support

Ensure that refugees have access to medical services and mental health support.

Cultural Adaptation

Organize community events and cultural exchange programs to encourage social interaction and cultural understanding.

Advocacy and Awareness

Raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugees and advocate for supportive policies and community involvement.

Services We Offer

Orientation Program

We organize a comprehensive orientation program that covers important aspects of life in the new country, from understanding the currency to using public transportation.

Language Courses

Effective communication is crucial for integration. We offer language courses at multiple levels to help you become proficient in your new country's primary language.

Employment Assistance

Our dedicated team will assist you in finding employment opportunities, preparing for interviews, and building a professional network.

Legal Support

Navigating the legal system can be daunting. Our legal experts are here to guide you through asylum procedures, applications for work permits, and other important legal matters.

Healthcare Assistance

We facilitate access to healthcare services, ensuring that you and your family are physically and emotionally well.

Cultural Exchange Programs

We believe in the power of community. Our cultural exchange programs aim to bridge the gap between communities and promote understanding and tolerance.

How You Can Help


Use your skills and time to support our mission. From language tutors to employment advisors, we are always in need of volunteers.


Your generous donations help us continue offering these essential services to those in need.

Spread the Word

Awareness is the first step towards change. Help us raise awareness by sharing information about our Refugee Settlement Program within your network.

If you’re a refugee looking for support, or if you want to help us in our mission, please contact us! We are committed to building a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, and the Refugee Settlement Program is an essential part of that mission. Join us in making a difference today.